Super Fast Video Game Kids Ike Turner's Whack-A-Mole

This kid is just too much. Check out his hand speed and concentration on this game. I'd say he's bordering the territory of ninja-gaming.

The Expert World Travel Game

This flash quiz game is addictive and fun. Test your global knowledge as you race the clock to pin geographical places and location in the map. You're awarded points for speed and accuracy. It gets pretty tough around round 6. Please post your scores below in comments. No cheating! Enjoy

Office Space Pranks

Codes to have this game on your page HERE!

One of the most fun and crazy things about college involve the antics and shenanigans you can pull. It makes it seems as if there is not as much work to do and you know what? That's just perfect. So naturally, one day you're given a graduation tassel and booted out into the real world, were pranks and tricks in the office only exist in sitcoms. And games... :) Enjoy.